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Welcome to Betsy Cole Coaching

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I am a holistic, integral and somatic leadership coach who can see and nurture the vitality of life that lives within each of us.

As a trusted partner I can help you to uncover and express this life energy to become the person and leader you desire to be.

The primary focus of my work is with three groups of people:

  • Corporate leaders desiring greater capacity to be present while skillfully navigating challenging business communication and relationship situations.
  • People in transition who want to find their ground to move courageously into the next phase of their life
  • Coaches who want to enhance their capacity so that they can bring more power, presence and passion to their work

Leadership Development

Are you an executive, looking to increase your effectiveness?  Are you skilled in accomplishing tasks and getting results, but sometimes troubled dealing with those “pesky people problems?”  Do you admire others who project a commanding presence without uttering a word? Do you wonder if you do the same?

In my role as an experienced executive leadership coach, I can help you develop and enhance your potential for this capacity.

You will learn to recognize your automatic reactions and strategies and to find new ways to respond to your triggers. From this place of centered presence, we will partner to guide you into new practices that will result in more powerful and effective communication.

Does this describe you?  Are you ready to accept this invitation to a more dynamic presence?

Transition Coaching

In transition?  Do you want to get in touch with your power, passion and purpose, and see new possibilities?

Are You. . .

  • Unsettled by the loss of your job, or suffering from personal losses?
  • Questioning what’s next and who you want to become?
  • Ready to live your life from a place that matters to you?


  • Have you exhausted trying to figure things out on our own?
  • Do you sense you have lost touch with your body, but know there is wisdom there?
  • Are you looking for a path forward with a learned guide you can trust?

Then Come And Discover:

  • How simple practices can loosen the grip of ingrained habitual patterns
  • How your dreams and longings can become embodied in a life with purpose and meaningful action
  • How to move forward with energy and confidence

Coach Development

Are you a coach, being called to:

  • Step up and bring more of your whole self to your work?
  • Have a compassionate presence and spaciousness that can hold the emotions and conflicts your clients bring to you
  • Have more ground when working in highly stressful situations?

This is hard to do by yourself. Most high-performing, capable coaches and leaders know that their own growth is an indispensable aspect of their professional success at work and their fulfillment as a person.

They realize that “who they are” speaks louder than what they say. When faced with the opportunity to move to a new level of personal effectiveness, they recommit to learning and often hire a coach.

Are you at this place?