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About Betsy

“Big heart, wise, easy laugh, warm, deep listener, grounded, kind and practical."  These are some of the words that clients and friends say when they speak about me.


I am an experienced somatic and integral leadership coach who blends a wide variety of approaches that clients say create dramatic results. I take into account not just your thoughts and ideas, but also your moods, actions, habitual practices, life history, and the health and resilience of your entire body to create a positive strategy that helps you move forward.

This approach helps you become more aware of the connection between your mind, body and feeling self. I work with you to help you learn about and loosen the habit patterns that while once very necessary for your development, now block your capacity to achieve your hopes and dreams. Together we identify new practices and habits that will help you to pave a new pathway forward with energy and confidence.

Corporate, life, and coaching experience

I believe that my breadth of understanding and compassion comes from a combination of several factors. With more than 25 years of progressive corporate leadership experience working in the healthcare and medical device fields, I have an embodied understanding of corporate life, and I have learned to see how the cultures and the systems we live in shape us and often hold us in place.

This combined with a lifetime of geographic, career, and personal transitions  (see link to transitions page) has given me a depth of wisdom and compassion that lives in my bones. In addition, I have a lifetime of intellectual fascination with how to “to help people learn and grow and have fun in the process."   For the past 12 years, I have devoted my attention to the practice of coaching individuals.  As an avid learner, with a curious mind, I continue to study how to awaken life’s vitality that lives in all of us.

Academic Credentials

At Wellesley College I earned a B.A. with majors in psychology and sociology. While working, I earned an M.S. in Education from the University of Miami and later, a Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Systems from the Fielding Graduate University. I have professional coaching certifications in both Integral and Somatic coaching and I continue to study the energetic healing art of polarity therapy.

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