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Coach Development

Let me introduce you to a new approach to tap your core wisdom and deep presence. Working together, I can help you:

  • Bring more power to your work by integrating your passion and purpose.
  • Expand your own capacity for presence with your clients.
  • Learn what somatics has to offer you as a coach.


Working together we will:

Expand your presence

  • Learn to sense into your body and feel life’s energy flowing more freely

See new possibilities

  • From this safe place of mindful awareness and stillness, you will be able to help your clients connect to a vast reservoir of possibilities.

Release the power of your core wisdom

  • Align and integrate your unique talents to more fully express your passion and purpose in your work as a coach.

As a Result you will:

  • Build a body capable of stillness and peace, so you can deepen your work with clients and have lasting impact
  • Expand your ability to see your clients in a different way
  • Release the power of your own core wisdom and intuition into your work with clients

I come to the table

  • With a lifetime of corporate and personal leadership coaching experience
  • With expertise in both Integral and Somatic coaching
  • Committed to helping you fulfill your dreams and potential and get in touch with life’s vitality
  • Ready to be your guide to expressing your most powerful self


Why not give this powerful approach a try?

“When we work through the body we engage with the fundamental life energy that animates and shapes who we are.

 When we connect to this core energy we contact a vast reservoir of wisdom, compassion, and intelligence that we've neglected.”      

   - Richard Strozzi Heckler

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