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Leaders come in many sizes and shapes.

Are you one of the many leaders who are challenged by the increasing demand for you to get involved in and handle “people problems.” Many of you are Ph.D. and or MD scientists and engineers who are experts in their area of science and technology. Some of you are technical experts in IT or Finance or other disciplines where having the most depth of knowledge and often the “right” answer has helped you to develop your  reputation and credibility.

Most of you are expected to lead organizations or teams, develop relationships, and influence stakeholders who are outside of your technical specialty. Frequently, you have an inclination and a comfort level with “getting the task done” – often by yourselves, or without engaging diverse stakeholders in a collaborative way.

Business-Man-on-waveOn top of these demands, our environment today is increasingly complex, ambiguous and volatile; full of moving parts and a multitude of conflicting agendas. With more work on our plates than we know what do to with, we are stimulated to react quickly, and take action. Often what is needed, however, is the confidence and presence to pause, step back, regain our balance, and choose a more thoughtful approach. I believe that developing this capacity to be open, present, and connected in the midst of this turbulence is the critical capacity for leadership effectiveness.

I can help you build competency in the following critical areas.                                

                    Executive Presence

                    Communication and relational skills

                    Self-awareness and capacity to self-reflect

                    Stress and work/life balance

                    Collaboration and conflict resolution

                    Staff development  


A Partial List of clients includes: 

Agilent Technologies
Alliance Life
Beckman Coulter
Capital One
Duke University
Exeter Health Resources
EMD Lexigen
EMD Serono
Fidelity Investments
Harvard Executive Education
Millennium a Takeda Oncology Company
PHT Corporation
Rockland Trust Co
The Wallace Coulter Foundation

"In organizations, real power and energy is generated through relationships. The patterns of relationships and the capacities to form them are more important than tasks, functions, roles and positions."                                                                            Margaret Wheatley

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