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Here's what Clients have to say about working with Betsy 

Betsy’s insight has been very effective in helping me identify and face issues and to keep pushing me to develop my capabilities. She has a way of asking questions that get you to come up with solutions that, in hindsight, should have been obvious. Being able to discuss actual business situations and challenges and apply strategies for dealing for those issues was very effective. 
     - D.P. VP Fidelity Investments


Betsy is the perfect combination of teacher, counselor, and “drill sergeant” as required to enable her clients to achieve their goals. I began my engagement with Betsy in behavioral ignorance. She guided my progression through awareness, understanding, the formation of new practices, and, eventually, change. 

It was not easy, and I could not have done it on my own as I had no framework from which to view myself, no real understanding of the process required to affect change, and no vision of how to become want I wanted to become. Today, I have effectively and significantly achieved transformation, based on colleagues’ comments and my own awareness.
     - T.M. Senior Level Director, Fortune 20 Company


"Working with Betsy has been an extremely valuable and rewarding experience. The benefits have transcended my career development into my personal life. Whether at work or at home, my approach to daily challenges and development of future plans has changed dramatically. I am able to take on life's challenges with greater confidence, being more observant of myself and able to self-correct to improve my effectiveness. I have discovered a whole new world where operating at high-speed does not require high-stress and where solutions are derived from meaningful relationships."
     - S.L. VP of Information Technology at a biopharmaceutical company


"Personally, Betsy has provided me objective feedback and constructive input to lead the organization. I value her contribution greatly. To this day she has been one of my very best coaches"
     - B.A. CEO of Veracyte


Coaches and Individuals

"Betsy combines a deep, intuitive wisdom and an extensive toolkit from many years coaching in the trenches of life and work. Kind heart, unlimited curiosity and an ability to see the client as whole, no matter what; these qualities make her brilliant and invaluable to have on your side for the journey ahead!"

"Smart, warm, direct, listening deeply and focused on uncovering the good at the heart of Source. These are what make Betsy an amazing coach and an intuitive and gifted body worker. She is the best at what she does!"    - Adam Sutton, Partner, Breakthrough Collaboration

 "Betsy was able to understand my needs and together we created an action plan that was grounded and realistic. The shift in my body from the release of trapped energy helped me make the changes I desired. I have become more fully present, effective, and in-tune with my body. Betsy's direct and insightful observations enabled me to openly explore and embrace all aspects of my life."
 - Mary Murphy,  Executive Coach

"Betsy brings a wealth of experience to her work, building on her personal experience and her deep training in psychology and the mind/body connection. She helped me zero in on my core talents and gifts, opening up energy and possibilities that led to huge growth and much more successful endeavors."
- Michael Madera, Principal, Madera Partners

“Thank you so much for your fantastic support of me in this time of transition.  You have helped me on every level, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and physically. I am so grateful.”     
- Laura Tully,  Executive Coach

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