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Transitions come in many forms…

We all know about loss and grief, and we all know about the excitement of new beginnings.  What we are less comfortable with is that space in between.  This space is called the transition period after the loss has occurred and before the new beginning starts.

Losses as well as planned so called “happy events" – engagements, marriages, births, new jobs and the resulting necessary changes, happen throughout our lives seem repetitive. Transitions come in all sizes, shapes and circumstances.  Some are desired, some are anticipated, some just surprise us in the middle of the night, and some come crashing down on us like a ton of bricks.  They happen so often, that the capacity to move through transition with presence and awareness is one that I think we all  need to develop.

I have successfully navigated many transitions in my life.  They have not all been fun or joyous, but I have moved through most of them with intention and presence and have come out the other side with a renewed sense of self, and enthusiasm about life.   I can help you do the same.


Betsy knows about transitions

7 careers
9 geographic moves
18 homes
8 changes in relationship status  (single, married, divorced, widowed etc.)
From corporate leader to entrepreneur

These transitions have deepened my compassion and understanding of the critical need for support during these periods. Knowing the power of solidarity, I will take a stand for the life force that dwells within you and support you in fulfilling your dreams and potential!


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